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Wildflowers Part 1

I’ve been out collecting some wildflowers, what flowers can you see around?
Please remember the 3 rules for collecting wild flowers

  1. Never pick flowers that might belong to someone else, for example in a garden or flower box
  2. Only pick flowers if you can see lots the same and then only pick 1 flower of every 20 so that there are plenty left for other people to enjoy
  3. If you’re not sure if you should pick a flower or not, don’t pick it!

Spring flowers on the way to school

Our pre-schoolers went on a visit to school this morning and, on the way, we noticed some more wildflowers. This time we found white, yellow, purple and pink ones. We’ve made a stab at naming them, happy to accept corrections however 😊

Spring flowers in the woods

Now that spring is really here we have been noticing changes in the woods. Spring flowers are starting to appear and here are some that we noticed today. We also were very interested in the different kinds of moss we could see, some was fluffy, some spiky, some soft and some jaggy. There were so many different kinds of green too! We collected some leaves, lots of different shapes and sizes and sorted the flowers into colours. We found white wood sorrel and bluebells, purple bluebells and violets and blue bluebells. We also some some bracken starting to grow – it was curled up in a roll and it was fluffy to touch.