What to Wear

There is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes!
During our Woodland Play Sessions your child will be outside in almost all weather so it is extremely important that you ensure your child is suitably dressed for the weather and our ever- changing seasons. If your child is warm and less exposed to the effects of the weather she or he will be more able to learn and play freely without restrictions. Appropriate clothing consequently is essential and we recommend you provide a few changes. Please send a spare plastic bag for us to put wet clothing in. If you don’t have access to cold or wet weather clothing we do keep spares – just speak to a member of staff!

Here are a couple of videos showing what to wear in winter :



Cold or Wet Weather Kit (ie normal kit!)

  • Waterproof/plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Warm base layer – long johns or tights, long sleeve top and thermal socks.
  • 1 or 2 warm fleece/wool long sleeve tops depending on temperature.
  • Cosy trousers i.e tracksuit pants, fleece leggings (NOT jeans).
  • Two pairs of gloves or mitts (one waterproof if possible).
  • Warm hat and scarf
  • Wellies (with extra socks) or waterproof walking boots.

Warmer weather

  • Long trousers (these help prevent scratches and stings and reduce the likelihood of children getting ticks)
  • Long sleeve top.
  • Jumper
  • Waterproof trousers and jacket (elasticatedwaterproof trousers, or dungarees are a great way to keep children warmer. These can be tricky to fasten, but children soon become quite proficient and this is great for their fine motor skills! It is important that even in dry weather your child still has their waterproofs as this enables them to play in puddles, mud and sit on damp ground etc. They also protect from scratches and prickles!

If you feel your child needs sunscreen or insect repellent please apply at home.