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Harvest time

We have been harvesting some of our produce from our vegetable plots in the Walled Garden this week. We have a tremendous crop of potatoes, some pink skinned and some yellow ( the pink ones are the sneaky ones that kept appearing in amongst our carrots and seeded from the compost heap). We had some peas, beans, tomatoes and a monster courgette. We have some fantastic pumpkins growing but we are leaving them for Hallowe’en.

We made a big pot of soup with the monster courgette (yummy). We made excellent mashed potatoes and used them to make some potato crust quiches. We are developing some excellent cookery skills as we chopped and peeled our very own vegetables.

Toads in the Castle Pond

What an exciting visit to the castle pond today. Amos had called to say it was Toad City up there so we just had to rush up to see what he was talking about. We were thrilled to see so many toads and even an occasional frog. We learned so much about toads : male toads are much smaller than the females, toads come back to mate in the same place every year (dont like to think how many toads will be in the pond next year!!!), toad spawn is fertilised after it is laid and toads are rough and lumpy but frogs are smooth and much more slippery.

Tree Labelling on our Woodland Site

We had an important job to do today in the woods, and, for the adults, a significant one. Today, we labelled the trees on our site so they could be points of reference for future work. This was the first proper marking of our site, and although there is a long, long way to go, we now have a visible and obvious mark of our intent. The children chose to label their favourite climbing tree number 1 (technically it is 0001) and then worked with great perseverance and dedication to label other surrounding trees. It was so fitting that our children could not only take part but lead in this big step towards developing our woodland nursery.

Cambusbarron Gala Day Afternoon Teas

Cambusbarron Gala Day 2021 will need be different because of COVID restrictions. We hope however that our community will still be able to come a little closer together, at least in spirit, as we all celebrate the day. While the Gala committee is working hard to make Gala day a success for our children, the children and staff at Cambusbarron Village Nursery are focussing on the older population! To make sure this section of the community can join in the celebration CVN would like to deliver a Gala Afternoon Tea to all the elderly and vulnerable residents of Cambusbarron. We need your help to identify these people. So, if you know of someone who would appreciate this gift please provide their details here or email us at for more information.

Birch Tapping

We spent this morning in Gillies Hill Community Woodland tapping birch trees and harvesting birch sap with Amos. This was a fantastic opportunity for our children to learn about the changes spring brings to the woods and also to understand more about different types of trees and how to identify birch trees by their distinctive silvery white bark. Amos showed us how he drilled a small hole in the tree to let the sap come out and we watched as it started to drip. The children were so excited that they wanted to try catching the sap on their tongues and told us it tasted amazing!
We learned that birch trees are better at producing sap than most other trees as we tried tapping a willow tree and found that it didnt drip at all. We tied milk cartons to the birch trees to catch the sap and when we checked later it was nearly half full.
Thanks for a great day Amos 😊