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Newts in the pond

Yesterday I showed you a dead frog I found when I was out walking, today I have some video of some of the wildlife in my garden pond! Have you noticed anything swimming around when you’ve been out and about? There hasn’t been much rain recently so not many puddles to see but maybe you are lucky enough to be near a pond that still has water? Hopefully the recent rain will fill everything up quickly and we will be able to see more water creatures.

Another visit from Bunny

Our children were delighted to have another visit from Islay the flat coated retriever and her baby Bunny today. Everyone was amazed at how much Bunny has grown in just over 2 weeks. Her eyes are open and they are blue and now she can almost walk but she is still quite wobbly. She even has a little tooth. We took turns to hold her and stroke her very gently and learned that we had to be calm and quiet around her so as not to frighten her.