Emma the Ladybird

Emma is an adventurous 7 spot ladybird who loves to follow our children around. Follow her instagram adventures too at @emmatheladybird

© Can Stock Photo / erierika
Emma the 7 Spot Ladybird

Our interest in ladybirds began last summer when we watched some ladybird larvae grow into pupae and then turn into ladybirds. Since then we have been delighted to spot our ladybirds whenever we are out and about. We have one favourite ladybird and we named her Emma. She follows us all over the village and woods when we are out. Sometimes she brings her friends with her too! There is a lot of information about ladybirds at the UK Ladybird Survey where we are recording our ladybird sightings.

Our new ladybird larvae have arrived and we are enjoying watching them grow into friends for Emma

Last year our ladybirds emerged just in time for us to see them before we went on our summer holidays last year