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We’re registered!!

I am delighted to say that, just in the nick of time, we have received word from the Care Inspectorate that our registration has been approved. Our new term starts next Wednesday (August 21st) and we are so pleased to be able to welcome our children to Cambusbarron Village Nursery.

Another visit from Bunny

Our children were delighted to have another visit from Islay the flat coated retriever and her baby Bunny today. Everyone was amazed at how much Bunny has grown in just over 2 weeks. Her eyes are open and they are blue and now she can almost walk but she is still quite wobbly. She even has a little tooth. We took turns to hold her and stroke her very gently and learned that we had to be calm and quiet around her so as not to frighten her.

A house for a mouse and a nest of baby birds

We made a house for a mouse in the woods today but, even though we sat and watched for ages and ages, we didnt see a mouse come to live in it. Maybe next week.

We also found a nest with some eggs and some very new baby birds in it. We think maybe a blue tit laid the eggs because they were white with some brown speckles on them. The birds were very ugly and had no feathers at all. We could see their beaks though and their eyes.