Sycamore Tree

This is our sycamore tree
We tried to find out how big the sycamore trunk is – we think it’s 6 boys and girls and a Jane big
That’s pretty big!

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Botanical Name : Acer pseudoplatanus


Bark : smooth grey with some rough flat surfaces

Leaves : 5

Flowers :

Seeds : Winged pairs of seeds that fall together spinning round like helicopters blades.

Origins : Brought over from France in the middle ages. Planted to provide shelter.

Use : Used for kitchen utensils as it doesn’t stain or taint food. Used for furniture veneers and making violins and other musical instruments.

Lifespan : 200 years

Height : 25 m

Folklore : Sycamore has very few links to legend. It was the preferred tree for hanging because the large lower branches are less likely to break.

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Sycamore Lore