Rowan Tree

Our rowan tree
Have you spotted this lacy black fungus on the rowan tree? It is honey fungus and the black laces are called rhizomorphs commonly called bootlaces!

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Botanical Name : Sorbus Aucuparia

AKA : Mountain Ash, Lady of the Mountain

Bark : glossy and smooth, grey brown to purple, scored with horizontal markings.

Leaves : consist of up to 8 pairs of leaflets on a central stalk

Flowers : blossoms in late spring (May), creamy clusters of scented flowers of 5 petals and 5 sepals.

Fruit : red berries loved by birds and very high in vitamin C.

Folklore : The rowan tree was often planted outside houses and in churchyards to ward off witches. Rowan gives protection when carried in any form. If kept in the house will protect from storm and lightning, kept on board a ship will keep storms at bay.

Use : Wood was used to make tool handles, ship masts & spinning wheels. Berries made into a drink to combat scurvy and made into a jelly to accompany meats.

Height : Up to 15m tall

Lifespan : 120 years

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