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Spring flowers on the way to school

Our pre-schoolers went on a visit to school this morning and, on the way, we noticed some more wildflowers. This time we found white, yellow, purple and pink ones. We’ve made a stab at naming them, happy to accept corrections however 😊

Spring flowers in the woods

Now that spring is really here we have been noticing changes in the woods. Spring flowers are starting to appear and here are some that we noticed today. We also were very interested in the different kinds of moss we could see, some was fluffy, some spiky, some soft and some jaggy. There were so many different kinds of green too! We collected some leaves, lots of different shapes and sizes and sorted the flowers into colours. We found white wood sorrel and bluebells, purple bluebells and violets and blue bluebells. We also some some bracken starting to grow – it was curled up in a roll and it was fluffy to touch.

Getting our garden ready

We spent some time this morning getting our garden ready for planting. We tidied up the weeds (and decided that weeds are just plants growing in the wrong places) and dug up our flower beds ready to plant. We are going to plant some vegetables, we think carrots, pumpkins, potatoes and yummy cabbage would be good and also some flowers, maybe some rainbow roses and sunflowers!

A Puppy called Bunny

We had a couple of visitors to playgroup this morning, Jane’s flat coated retriever called Islay and her new born puppy called Easter Bunny. Bunny was born on Easter Monday so is only 3 days old. We learned how to sit down and hold Bunny carefully, not too tightly, and how to be quiet in case we scared her or her mum. Islay is very proud of her baby and was happy to show her off to us and to let us stroke her lovely soft fur. Bunny also has a soft fur coat and has tiny little claws on her feet and we felt how scratchy they are. Islay is a brown dog, brown flat coated retrievers are called liver and Bunny is black. Bunny’s daddy lives in Edinburgh and he is black like Bunny. Bunny can’t see anything yet because her eyes are still closed, she wont be able to open them until she is 2 weeks old. Bunny cant walk yet either she just crawls around. Bunny pees and poos just like a human baby but she doesn’t wear a nappy so Islay has to clean up after her. We thought it was pretty gross because Islay doesn’t have hands and has to clean up by licking Bunny with her tongue! Islay feeds Bunny with milk from teats in her tummy, we watched her crawl along Islay’s tummy to find a teat to get milk from.

Back to Playgroup for the Summer term

It was lovely to see our children back at playgroup this morning and to hear all their news and about the things they had been up to over the holiday. We have had a few birthdays recently and a quick survey showed that most of our children are 4 now!

Emma the Ladybird has missed us over the 2 week break despite the many adventures she has been on. She was wiating patiently in the garden for us along with 2 of her friends. We do enjoy hunting around to see where we will find her.