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Business Support

We are pleased to announce that we have qualified for some free business support through a Scottish Government funded programme called Accelerate which helps third sector organisations like us work towards achieving sustainability. More information on the programme is at this link. The support is being delivered by Community Enterprise, who are a social enterprise and consultancy to third sector organisations and community groups. Our initial meeting with Community Enterprise took place this week, and their support will focus on research into developing our current service as well as investigating potential additional services we could offer, for example, expanding our outdoor learning activities or offering our outdoor learning service as an after-school activity or as holiday club activities. Their research is likely to take the form of questionnaires and surveys and we will highlight them as they become available.

Woodland Play 30 Sept 2019

What a lovely autumn day we had today in the woods. We put up a hammock and the children enjoyed taking turns swinging in it. We made a fire and, this week for a change, cooked some damper bread over it. The children kneaded the dough before we wound it like a snack around a stick and held it over the fire. The wood was very damp so we all had to work hard to keep the fire going. We collected some wood to store which will hopefully keep a little drier for future occasions.

Hedgerow Harvest

We were very busy at Nursery today! We made a new sign for our garden and then went out for a walk to find some autumn treasures. We found apples, elderberries, hawthorn berries and loads and loads of brambles. We picked some and will try making some jam to eat with our bread. We also spotted some conkers on a conker tree and acorns on an oak tree. So many things to see in our countryside 👍🏻