Woodland Play 30 Sept 2019

What a lovely autumn day we had today in the woods. We put up a hammock and the children enjoyed taking turns swinging in it. We made a fire and, this week for a change, cooked some damper bread over it. The children kneaded the dough before we wound it like a snack around a stick and held it over the fire. The wood was very damp so we all had to work hard to keep the fire going. We collected some wood to store which will hopefully keep a little drier for future occasions.

Butter churn

We are gearing up for our (not too) grand opening ceremony and today the children made some butter to serve with our hedgerow jam. They were very enthusiastic about pouring the cream into the butter churn and starting to turn the handle but found that their arms got tired very quickly. Churning butter is hard work! Fortunately some good turn taking allowed us to keep going until we had some lovely creamy butter. The buttermilk left was too good to waste so we made a batch of girdle scones with it to eat with our lunch.