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We’re Prizewinners!

We are delighted that our project to build a new nursery in the Gillies Hill Woodland has won the Falck Renewables Recovery for a Resilient Sustainable Future Competition! The £5000 prize is a welcome addition to our funding pots #falckrenewables #prizewinners #looktothefuture #rsustainableliving #learninginnature

Lottery Funding Success!!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded £10,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund to begin the development of our new nursery in the woods. This award will allow us to complete a feasibility study and formalise our plans. It’s the first step but its a big one!! Gillies Hill here we come!!

Children’s Wishlist

Our children have been thinking about what they want to have in their new nursery building. 

  • Big windows to see out
  • a fire in the house
  • A play kitchen
  • Hot chocolate – great thinking
  • A cupboard
  • water – but clean water
  • cold water
  • a funny shape
  • make it with wood and sticks from the trees that are falling down by themslves
  • hooks for our coats
  • a spoon
  • buttons to get the TV on (but there’s not electricity in the woods so we can’t have a TV)
  • table for lunch
  • a pipe for the chimney
  • flags and cushions
  • we can’t make a big house until we chop down some trees
  • windmill to make us cool down in the house
  • a telescope
  • we need a wolf to scare away the other wolves
  • bed
  • somewhere to keep paper
  • lights
  • a chimney to let the smoke out
  • a chimney so Santa can get in 
  • forks and knives
  • a stove to keep us warm
  • a bathroom
  • upstairs and downstairs
  • lights
One of our children is a budding architect and drew these plans for the nursery

Woodland Play Sessions come to Cambusbarron Playgroup

We plan to begin a pilot of Woodland Play Sessions after Easter. In order to explain the need fro and benefits of such activities I will be holding an open evening on Thursday March 15th in the playroom in the community centre. I intend to have some photos and videos of the sort of things I would plan to do and to explain the rationale of the project. Ill have some resources, paperwork, leaflets, books etc available for reference and will be happy to answer questions etc.
This is a completely open meeting so everyone is welcome. I have the room booked from 7-9pm but am open to your input on what is the most convenient time for parents, so please just get back to me with what suits you best and I’ll try to go with the majority 😉