Red Squirrels in Gillies Hill Community Woodland

CVN have been keeping track of the tree felling happening in our woods as a result of the Statutory Plant Health Notice issued to Cambusbarron Community Development Trust. We have been very sad to see that so many trees will go and that many of the birds and squirrels we watch in the woods may soon lose their homes.

We have received some information from Scottish Squirrels about how we can help and are very relieved to hear from them that ” squirrels always have multiple dreys on the go (sometimes up to 8 at any one time) and so are quite resilient to disturbances such as these. Hopefully in this case it will be an upheaval at the time, but following that they will occupy alternative drays and/or find other suitable habitats in the area“.

Following their advice we are making plans to help our woodland friends through this time of upheaval by making some new feeders and keeping them filled up with some tasty nuts and seeds.

Our children have been drawing red squirrels with big fluffy tails and nuts to eat. We’ve been learning that baby squirrels are called kittens and that their homes are called dreys too.

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