Feedback from Pre-planning application

Officer assessment : 

Pre-application advice is sought for the creation of an outdoor nursery at the Walled Garden of Polmaise Estate.

A nursery is defined as a community facility, and it is first and foremost encouraged to locate within town centres. However, there is an understanding that outdoor nurseries are becoming more popular. However, these should still be located as close to existing settlements as possible. As from the location plan, it can be seen that it is located close to Cambusbarron, and there could be the option of walking to the site, reducing the dependency on car travel. Therefore, there is likely to be policy support for the principle of the project. It should be demonstrated as part of any submission measures taken to reduce the dependency on car travel to reach this site. Doing so will demonstrate compliance with Policy 3.1.

No elevations have been submitted, nor are required as part of a pre-application enquiry. It would be encouraged to ensure sympathetic low impact design is pursued. An opportunity to restore an existing building on site may be preferable than the creation of a new building. The site is located within a designated special landscape, so it is crucial that the visual impact of the building is as minimal as possible. 

As the site is located within designated semi-natural woodland, a tree survey will have to be submitted, and evidence submitted to show how the design of the proposal has been altered to account for the findings of the survey and to minimise the damage to any tree on site. Given the site, and depending on the size of the proposed building to be erected, a biodiversity survey may be required. 

The site is located within a designated Battlefield site. Therefore, an archaeological survey would be required to ensure that any development on site would not significantly impact any archaeological remains. 

Full details can be seen here : 

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