Children’s Wishlist

Our children have been thinking about what they want to have in their new nursery building. 

  • Big windows to see out
  • a fire in the house
  • A play kitchen
  • Hot chocolate – great thinking
  • A cupboard
  • water – but clean water
  • cold water
  • a funny shape
  • make it with wood and sticks from the trees that are falling down by themslves
  • hooks for our coats
  • a spoon
  • buttons to get the TV on (but there’s not electricity in the woods so we can’t have a TV)
  • table for lunch
  • a pipe for the chimney
  • flags and cushions
  • we can’t make a big house until we chop down some trees
  • windmill to make us cool down in the house
  • a telescope
  • we need a wolf to scare away the other wolves
  • bed
  • somewhere to keep paper
  • lights
  • a chimney to let the smoke out
  • a chimney so Santa can get in 
  • forks and knives
  • a stove to keep us warm
  • a bathroom
  • upstairs and downstairs
  • lights
One of our children is a budding architect and drew these plans for the nursery

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