Christmas Jumpers

As we are nearing 12th night and putting away our Christmas items for another year we have been thinking of the environmental impact of one of the newer Christmas traditions, the Christmas Jumper.
Christmas Jumpers often contain a large percentage of plastics and are generally only worn on a very few occasions before being replaced by a newer version the following year. At CVN we love our Christmas jumpers but reports like the one below about the impact of fast and disposable fashion on our environment have made us think about how they fit into our policy of being environmentally aware and promoting Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
So, this coming year, around November, we will be hosting a Christmas jumper sale and swap. If you have Christmas jumpers that will be too small by next Christmas,or, maybe the New Year resolution will hold and they will be too big (🤞🏻), or, if you just know you will fancy a change, PLEASE, rather than disposing of them pass them on to us and we will find them a new wearer for Christmas 2020.
Jumpers can be handed in to us at the Community Centre at any time.
Thank you

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