A Puppy called Bunny

We had a couple of visitors to playgroup this morning, Jane’s flat coated retriever called Islay and her new born puppy called Easter Bunny. Bunny was born on Easter Monday so is only 3 days old. We learned how to sit down and hold Bunny carefully, not too tightly, and how to be quiet in case we scared her or her mum. Islay is very proud of her baby and was happy to show her off to us and to let us stroke her lovely soft fur. Bunny also has a soft fur coat and has tiny little claws on her feet and we felt how scratchy they are. Islay is a brown dog, brown flat coated retrievers are called liver and Bunny is black. Bunny’s daddy lives in Edinburgh and he is black like Bunny. Bunny can’t see anything yet because her eyes are still closed, she wont be able to open them until she is 2 weeks old. Bunny cant walk yet either she just crawls around. Bunny pees and poos just like a human baby but she doesn’t wear a nappy so Islay has to clean up after her. We thought it was pretty gross because Islay doesn’t have hands and has to clean up by licking Bunny with her tongue! Islay feeds Bunny with milk from teats in her tummy, we watched her crawl along Islay’s tummy to find a teat to get milk from.

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