Soup Share Take 2

Today we were very pleased to host our 2nd Soup Share event. This time we invited the ladies from the Needle & Natter group as a thank you for all the work they have put in to making clothes for our dolls. Since Halloween is coming up we decided to make pumpkin soup. We had 3 pumpkins at playgroup, a small one, a middle sized one and a big one. We used the big one and chopped it up to put in our soup. Jane had already cooked some pumpkin in the over and we were interested to see how it had gone all soft and soggy and not like the fresh pumpkin at all. The seeds inside the pumpkin were super slimey and we did not like touching them at all! We were interested to see that the seeds are all white whereas the seeds we can eat are green. We’re not sure why that is and we want to find out! We tried cutting the seeds open and banging them with a hammer but that didnt help us work out why the seeds we can eat are green.

After we’d made our soup we made pumpkin seed rolls. We rolled out some dough and put it into baking trays and then brushed it over with some oil to make it shiny. Once they were shiny we poured green pumpkin seeds all over them and hoped they would stick to the shiny rolls.

The last thing we made was icing to go on Angus’ pumpkin muffins. We really liked the icing! It was very tempting to spill it just a little and then scoop it up with our fingers and have a little taste.

We were so pleased that lots of Needle & Natter ladies came to share our soup. They said it was very tasty and that made us feel very proud. We wore our stickers saying Soup Chef to show that we had helped cook the lunch.




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