Toadstool Pizzas

We have been interested in fungi in the woods and this week we started to grow our own fungi in the playroom. We have been amazed at how quickly our fungi have grown. These fungi are ordinary mushrooms and it has been gratifying to hear the children remember the instructions they heard in the woods so clearly – always wash your hands if you touch fungi in the woods.

After picking some of our mushrooms we used knives to cut them up and to see the gills underneath the cap. The stalks just snapped off, we didn’t need to use the knife at all.

We have also been interested in pizza in the playroom and in finding where the Gruffalo lives in the woods. We combined all of our interest today and made a Gruffalo and mushroom shaped pizza. We suggested putting some (real) mushrooms on our mushroom shaped pizzas but that didnt go down too well!

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