Woodland Play Take 2

Another great day today at Woodland Play. So interesting to see the dynamics in this group and how they interacted differently with each other and the environment. Also lovely to see how they all grew in confidence as the session progressed. We had lots of water play again today, cakes, soup and mud pies were the order of the day. The children loved spotting the furry animals in the trees and we remembered all the animals from the Gruffalo story and how they ate scrambled snake, roasted fox and owl ice-cream! We thought we might spot a Gruffalo in our woods but we didnt even see a purple prickle 😒

We found a den and wanted to make a bed in it so we got a blanket and covered it all up. We really wanted to make a hanging bed though, we decided that was called a hammock, but we didn’t have the bits with us today. We will try to get them for next time and we can sleep in the den in the hammock. We did make a swing today, it was great fun. We took turns and even helped each other push. Our snack was hot chocolate and a biscuit again, we were quite cosy under our shelter. There were some wee bugs in the burn, we think they are water lice or shrimps. We got our books out to check but we couldnt find the same ones. We did find some lovely flowers in the tree book. There was a lovely white tree with flowers just like the one next to the Community Centre garden.

We’ll be back again on Monday – cant wait!

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