No Act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted – Aesop

Today at Playgroup we watched a story about a lion and a mouse (

The lion was kind to the mouse and didnt eat him and the mouse remembered the kind lion and helped free him from a trap. We talked about some kind things we can do. At playgroup we can be kind by helping our friends and sharing our things. As it comes up to Christmas we intend to look more into being kind and into doing Christmas Kindnesses. Although Christmas is still quite a long way away we need to start making some things to use as our Christmas Kindnesses so today we started by making some bookmarks. Watch this space to see what we will do with them!

We are aiming to gain recognition as a Makaton Friendly playgroup. We already use Makaton during our sessions but we will also be taking part in the Makaton Sign of the Week. This week’s sign is Hello and we all practised saying and signing Hello (



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