Staff Team

Manager : Jane Bain.

Jane holds a BA (Hons) in Childhood Practice and her pedagogy is centred on providing children with the appropriate opportunities to lead their own learning and also to develop skills and attributes which will not just serve them in school but also in life. Jane is a fully qualified Forest Leader (level 8) and has a particular interest in outdoor play and learning and is passionate about its significant benefits, not only for children but also for staff. Jane is also a Director of Cambusbarron Community Development Trust where she has a role in the development of Gillies Hill Community Woodland as a community resource.

Jane is just my best friend as well as my teacher, I just love her to the wide whole world”

Early Childhood Educator : Jen Gairns.

Jen came to CVN from the private sector. She is an experienced ECE and is currently studying BA in Childhood Practice at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Jen is a qualified Forest Leader (Level 6)

“Jen is good at helping the boys and girls feel better and lifting heavy things.  I like Jen the best”

Early Childhood Educator : Lynda Simpson.

Lynda recently gained her SVQ3 Social Services (Children and Young People) and is a qualified Forest Leader (Level 6).

Lynda also serves on the Board of Directors for CVN and is responsible for our general admin work.

Lynda is a Cambusbarron local and brings a wealth of local knowledge and experience to the staff team.

“Lynda laughs and she’s  good at being small and good at donkey rides.”

Early Childhood Educator : Jordan Sutherland.

Jordan is qualified ECE having gained her SVQ3 Social Services (Children and Young People). Jordan works part time (Mon-Wed) with CVN.

“Jordan knows how to do slides and slides and is good at helping to  make snack”

Support Worker Early Childhood Educator : Helen O’Toole

Helen holds an SVQ2 Social Services (Children and Young People). Helen works with us on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. She is a Cambusbarron resident and brings bundles of enthusiasm to the team.

“Helen is good at rolling around in tyres”

Support Worker Early Childhood Educator : Jennifer MacLeod

Jennifer is the newest member of TeamCVN. She is a registered nurse and when she is not working at the hospital she joins us for a play at CVN. Jennifer is Cambusbarron born and bred so brings a wealth of local knowledge to the service.

The staff and manager are clearly committed to the ongoing development of the service

Care Inspector

They [the staff] are all so kind and they help you in the woods


The staff provide fantastic care


The nursery and teachers are excellent and they go above and beyond for every child in their care


Staff are amazing


I love you all around the world and back