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Woodland Play Open Day Oct 2019

We had a wonderful open session today in the woods. It was lovely to see so many people enjoying our fantastic woodland in the lovely autumn sunshine. The soup, bread and pancakes seem to go down a treat though I think they, and we, were all well smoked! Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this such a happy and fun afternoon for all concerned. We’d love to see your photos and hear your comments on the afternoon as well as suggestions for future events!

Woodland Play 10 Oct 2019

In the woods today we were building on the interest the children have shown in finding and collecting acorns. Yesterday we learned how to identify an oak tree by looking at the shape of its leaves. Today we walked through the woods and tried to spot more oak trees. We were excited to find a tiny little baby oak (we put sticks around it to protect it because we were worried someone might stand on it) and also an enormous oak tree that took 4 children to stretch their arms around it. We learned that oak trees are known as the King of the Forest and that they grow very slowly but are very strong. Jane, Jordan and Lynda also learned that oak trees produce male and female flowers – the male flowers develop in a group called a catkin. Catkins hang down from twigs and release their pollen into the air where they are blown around to pollinate a nearby female flower.  After pollination, the base of the female flower forms a woody cup, and the flower forms a woody fruit called a nut – an acorn!

We put wood cookie labels on some of the oak trees we found. If you are walking in the woods maybe you will spot one!

We were back in the woods today!

It was lovely to be back in the woods today! We have a new play site and enjoyed exploring it and seeing what different things we could find there. We had several new children with us today and it is amazing to see how much more confident and independent they became after just a few hours in the woods. We are looking forward to seeing how our sessions develop as we become more familiar with the new site.

We each chose a special tree in our site and gave it a name. The names we chose were Nursery, Bramble, Firework, Violet, Tractor, Baby Teddy, Florence and Lanky Larry. We will be keeping an eye on our trees as we move further into autumn and then winter so see how they change.