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Activities and resources for parents and children to use during lockdown

Newts in the pond

Yesterday I showed you a dead frog I found when I was out walking, today I have some video of some of the wildlife in my garden pond! Have you noticed anything swimming around when you’ve been out and about? There hasn’t been much rain recently so not many puddles to see but maybe you are lucky enough to be near a pond that still has water? Hopefully the recent rain will fill everything up quickly and we will be able to see more water creatures.

Wildflowers Part 1

I’ve been out collecting some wildflowers, what flowers can you see around?
Please remember the 3 rules for collecting wild flowers

  1. Never pick flowers that might belong to someone else, for example in a garden or flower box
  2. Only pick flowers if you can see lots the same and then only pick 1 flower of every 20 so that there are plenty left for other people to enjoy
  3. If you’re not sure if you should pick a flower or not, don’t pick it!